Deep Creek Lake – Then and Now Map

Combining maps of the 20th and 21st Centuries

The base layer is the 1901 topographical and election district map when it was just Deep CREEK, not Deep Creek Lake.  We’ve then laid over bathymetry and sonar imagery of the lake bed, along with current-day roads, property developments and other modern features. Measuring 24 x 24 inches and printed on semi-gloss paper, this wall map is prefect for your office, rental or home.

I started this map with the 1901 topographical map of the County. You can view and download historical topo maps here:

Layered on top of that, I obtained bathymetric data and side-scan sonar imagery from data collected by the MD Department of Natural Resources circa 2014. Those layers are about 75% transparent so you can see both the existing and new features underneath.

You can see the side-scan imagery by itself here.

I also added modern-day roads from Maryland’s GIS download and current property development subdivisions as derived from the state’s Department of Assessment and Taxation parcel GIS products. I also added public and quasi-public land from my Ultimate map series. This layer was also developed from the MDAT GIS products, but takes some analysis to develop into a workable layer.