Fall Foliage Overlooks in Garrett County

Looking for the best spots to check out the Autumn colors of Garrett County – here are my picks for great overlooks (and they are great the rest of the year, too!)

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Here are the points I mention in the video (links take you to my online map centered on that overlook), plus a few more I forgot!

  • High Rock Firetower – A moderate uphill hike of around 2 miles, opening up on an 180 degree view to the northwest over Savage River State Forest. Video trail tour on YouTube A riveting podcast on the death of Alexander Stevens details a mysterious and controversial murder here.
  • Monroe Run Overlook – Pull off along New Germany Road, not quite accessible for all ability levels, but most should be able to walk down to the overlook over Monroe Run with a nice stone wall.
  • Meadow Mountain Trail – A short low-to-moderate hike to an observation deck. Largely overlooks the same area as the Monroe Run Overlook, but higher.
  • Hoye’s Crest (MD Highpoint) – A difficult but short hike to Maryland’s highest point. A nice viewscape cut to the east and a picnic table to enjoy a lunch at the top.
  • Deep Creek Lake State Park Trails – A moderate hike to the top of Meadow Mountain with an observation deck where a couple of clear cuts used to overlook the main body of Deep Creek Lake. The view has largely grown in, however, but you can still get a few glimpses from there.
  • Hoop Pole Ridge – Heading north on US-219, you can pull off before Sand Flat Rd and have a nice view of southern Deep Creek Lake
  • Friendsville Rd – Heading south on MD-42 (Friendsville Rd), great open view to your right over the Youghiogheny Rover valley and beyond
  • Maryland Welcome Center – Heading east on I-68 from the WV border, get off at the MD Welcome Center for a nice overlook of the Youghiogheny River Lake and mountains
  • The Cove Overlook – heading south of US-219 from I-68, there is a pull-off overlook and rest area with a view of “The Cove”, a pleasant valley of farms, fields and forested hills
  • St John’s Rock – On top of a rocky ridge of Big Savage Mountain, this area provides a view to the east over mountains and the town of Frostburg

Two overlooks I forgot to mention in the video:

Where else do YOU like to check out the amazing views of Garrett County?

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