Introducing the ULTIMATE Deep Creek Lake map!

Hopefully, you’ve already seen my ULTIMATE Garrett County and DCL + 8 town wall maps, and my ULTIMATE Garrett County Adventure Map. By far, the most common requests are for maps specifically of Deep Creek Lake (you can get the DCL + 9 towns map and cut off the bottom, but who wants to defaceContinue reading “Introducing the ULTIMATE Deep Creek Lake map!”

Fall Foliage Overlooks in Garrett County

Looking for the best spots to check out the Autumn colors of Garrett County – here are my picks for great overlooks (and they are great the rest of the year, too!) Watch the video version Visit my online map Buy the Ultimate Adventure fold-up map Here are the points I mention in the videoContinue reading “Fall Foliage Overlooks in Garrett County”

Garrett County: resistant to extreme weather since 300,000,000 BC

Hurricane Ian’s (Sept 2022) recent devastation of Florida (and other states) got me working on updating my extreme weather map of Garrett County and the region. I had created a map in 2014 that showed the tracks of major storms and tornados in the eastern half of the US. I was happy with how itContinue reading “Garrett County: resistant to extreme weather since 300,000,000 BC”

Hiking the Shoreline of Deep Creek Lake

Just how long is the shoreline of Deep Creek Lake? Most sources say 64 miles, but I’ve seen “authoritative” values of 69 and 74 miles as well (two different signs at the State Park – within visual distance of each other – claim the 64 and 69 mile distances). So, I decided to do theContinue reading “Hiking the Shoreline of Deep Creek Lake”

How long have you had a place at Deep Creek Lake?

When you talk to someone who has a place at Deep Creek Lake, one of the first things you’ll likely here is “We’ve had a house here since . . . ” People are proud – and rightfully so – of how long they have had property at Deep Creek Lake. In a virtual videoContinue reading “How long have you had a place at Deep Creek Lake?”

Garrett County, MD: Pet Paradise

It’s a great place to live or visit with your pet (especially your dog!) Check out the narrated version on Youtube Dog parks Oakland Town Dog Park 27 Oakland Rosedale Road, Oakland, MD 21550 McHenry Community Park (operated by the Deep Creek Lake Lions Club)1249 Bumble Bee Rd Accident MD 21520 Pick up your dogContinue reading “Garrett County, MD: Pet Paradise”

Garrett County in the times of Meshach Browning

Deep Creek (Lake) in the time of Meshach Browning “My mind cannot imagine a more beautiful sight than could be obtained from the highest grounds of the Hoop-Pole Ridge, which commanded a view of the valley between that and the great Back-Bone . . . It was a grand sight to watch the tall grass,Continue reading “Garrett County in the times of Meshach Browning”

Greetings from Narrows Hill

Greetings Neighbor! Hello, my name is Chris Nichols, your neighbor on Narrows Hill.  I’m also a real estate agent with Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations and Sales and am ready and able to help you achieve your real estate goals. Just in case you’re not aware, Narrows Hill generally lies in the area “between the bridges” Continue reading “Greetings from Narrows Hill”