Introducing the ULTIMATE Deep Creek Lake map!

Hopefully, you’ve already seen my ULTIMATE Garrett County and DCL + 8 town wall maps, and my ULTIMATE Garrett County Adventure Map. By far, the most common requests are for maps specifically of Deep Creek Lake (you can get the DCL + 9 towns map and cut off the bottom, but who wants to deface a map?)

So, I am proud to introduce the ULTIMATE Deep Creek Lake, MD map! It will be available in two formats:

  • Wall map – measuring 24 inches wide by 36 inches tall. This is a standard frame size – you can get them off-the-shelf at Walmart, Target, craft stores in a variety of styles and qualities. Great for your home, office or rental!
  • Fold-up map – the same map, but 24 inches wide by 18 inches tall, with the northern end on one side, and southern on the other. Printed on the same water-proof and tear-resistant paper as my Adventure map, so it’s perfect for the boat and other outdoor recreation!

Just like my other maps, they will be printed in the USA! I have the wall maps printed in Morgantown, WV and the fold-ups in Colorado.

Just like my other maps, it is PACKED with information you won’t find anywhere else and all in one spot. Here’s what’s in there:

  • Roads: US, MD, County, Residential, Trails and Ski lifts
  • Natural features: Streams, Rivers and peaks, with a background of hillshade showing topography
  • Points of interest: police and fire, places of worship, visitor’s center
  • Lake points: the power plant, boat ramps, swimming, fishing access
  • Lake info: depth, bouys, cove names, the “Rule Band”
  • Areas of interest: County and State owned properties, protected lands, communities, and other special areas

Call-out boxes tell you even more about the lake, it’s history and other close-by amenities

I’ll be running a pre-order campaign (through the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter) to raise funds for the initial print run in late March 2023. The MSRP will be around $20 for the wall map version and $12 for the fold-up one, but if you pre-order through the campaign, you’ll be able to get them for a lower price (and help me to pay for a larger print run which will bring the overall costs down)

Without further ado, here’s the draft of the map! Take a look, and let me know if you have comments or suggestions! You can download the draft copy, too, to really drill down to the detail!

Can’t wait to get it printed and into people’s hands!

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