Summer 2023 letter

Summer greetings from your friendly neighborhood real estate agent!

Hello! My name is Chris Nichols, a real estate agent with Taylor Made Deep Creek Sales. If you’re thinking about selling or buying real estate in the area, I hope you’ll give me a shot at earning your business.  With me as your real estate agent, you’ll be working with an organized, detail-oriented and motivated agent who has a broad knowledge of our rich local history and is plugged into the future developments of the area.

Our community is one of the things that makes this area so special.  Here are a few items of interest from organizations I am involved with:

            The Property Owners’ Association (POA) of Deep Creek Lake recently took a number of Maryland officials, including the new Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources, on a boat tour of the lake to highlight issues and problems that need addressed.  The POA represents the interests of property owners at Deep Creek Lake, helps to fund important projects related to lake health, and provides news and updates to its members. I’m proud to be the VP for Membership of the POA and encourage you to join if you’re not already a member.  It’s very easy to join – just go to: or contact me!

            The Deep Creek Lake Lions just finished up our Blind Camper program for the year. We provide a camping and lake experience for visually impaired kids and their families that they may not have access to otherwise.  We also hold a similar Blind Skier program in the winter and manage a great community park on Bumble Bee Rd. I’ve been in the Club for over 10 years (I’m currently the Treasurer) and providing these experiences to these kids is definitely one of the highlights of my year. You can find out more about the club here:

            The Garrett County Historical Society is currently refurbishing the Deep Creek Lake room at its museum in Oakland.  The new layout will highlight the development of the lake area from farmland to vacation paradise and should open in early August.  The GCHS operates two museums in Oakland in support of its mission to preserve and promote the history of Garrett County.  We also publish 4 issues each year of the Glades Star with articles, tidbits and items of interest related to local history.  I’m the Editor of the Glades Star and work to provide lots of great content each issue.  If you’re interested in our local heritage, I’d encourage you to become a member – again it’s very easy and just $25 per year! Learn more here:

The Garrett County Chamber of Commerce is helping to spread the word and facilitate events beyond Deep Creek Lake. As the primary tourism and destination marketing organization for Garrett County, the Chamber does a lot to advertise what makes not only Deep Creek Lake, but also Garrett County in general, so special. We also represent business interests in the County and believe that a strong and diversified business ecosystem benefits everyone in the County from long-time local residents to new second-home owners.  I was recently elected as the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors and am looking forward to promoting everything that makes our area a great place to live, visit and work in.

  I’m also a semi-amateur cartographer and have produced a variety of maps of Garrett County and Deep Creek Lake.  My most recent release is a fold-up map of the lake, showing incredible detail including lake depths, points of interest, community names, trails, parks, fishing information and more! This map is printed on water-proof and tear-resistant paper, making it perfect for your land and boat-based adventures! You can find this new map and my others at Besides making maps of outdoor activities, I love to experience them too.  One of my goals is to visit every trail area in the County.  There are about 45 in total and I’ve been to around 35. I’ve recorded video trail tours of these so you can get a feel for the terrain, distance and experience before you go out.  You can find links to these tours, as well as other posts on local interest topics at my personal website, (There will also be an online version of this letter there under the “blog” heading with active links that you can click on instead of having to type them all out).

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. If you’ve got questions, comments or just want to chat about anything in here, regardless of whether it’s related to real estate or not, I’d love to hear from you! And, of course, if you’ve got upcoming real estate needs, I would be happy to be considered to help you with those as well.

  Best regards,



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